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Scuba Courses

All of our Scuba Diving Courses are internationally recognized. We are a NAUI Training Facility and our experienced Scuba Instructors and Dive Masters will be here to look after you and make sure that your Scuba Diving Lessons is a memorable experience.

Wet Shop

Scuba Gear and Scuba Equipment at very competitive prices. 2 Dive 4 Scuba are suppliers of all Major Brands of Scuba Diving Equipment. Some of the brands we offer are: SUUNTO, Mares, TUSA, Scuba Pro and Reef.


All of our Scuba Trips are fun and enjoyable for the whole family, divers and non-divers.

Image Gallery

All of the underwater photo's that you see in this Scuba Diving Photo Gallery are taken by our club members on our Scuba Diving Trips. If you have joined us on one of the trips and would like a copy of the pictures on cd then please let us know and we can let you have a copy.

Divers' Corner

Scuba Diving Information is very helpful to make you a more competent diver. We believe that an informed diver is a competent, safe and confident diver. Always remember to seek the relevant training for the type of Scuba Diving you would like to participate in.

2 Dive 4 Scuba


You have come to the right place for your scuba diving training, gear and advice.

Scuba Courses

Our experienced Scuba Instructors and Dive Masters are here to look after you and to make sure that your Scuba Diving experience is a good one. All our Scuba Courses are internationally recognized and you are able to Scuba Dive anywhere in the world with your NAUI Scuba Diving qualification.

Scuba Gear & Scuba Equipment

2 Dive 4 Scuba are suppliers of all major brands of Scuba Diving Equipment, TUSA, Mares, SUUNTO, Reef, Scuba Pro etc. We also offer Scuba Gear services and rentals. All you need to do is click on the link to Request a Quote or visit our Wet Shop.

Scuba Diving Trips

Join us on one of our Dive Trips to the coast, some of the places we visit are: Sodwana Bay, Aliwal Shoal, Protea Banks, Mozambique, Zanzibar and The Red Sea. Included on our Scuba Trips are: a trip T-Shirt which is unique to each trip and a cd at the end of the trip with all your underwater photo's and land pictures.

Scuba Diving Club

Join the Scuba Club and experience the hospitality of our Scuba Diving Club members and Dive Masters. You will make plenty of new friends, and will never battle to find a dive buddy again. There are NO MEMBERSHIP FEES, all you need to do is join us at our monthly socials and sign up on our mailing list so that we can keep you informed.

It makes no difference whether you are a NAUI Diver, PADI Diver or affiliated to any other organization, you are more that welcome to join the club.