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10 Things we can do to save our Oceans

  • Learn all you can. Read, surf the web and experience the ocean directly.
  • Be a smart shopper. Ask grocery stores and restaurants about the source of their seafood.
  • Conserve the water. Be careful when washing your car or watering your lawn.
  • Reduce household pollutants. Cut down and properly dispose of herbicides, pesticides and cleaning products.
  • Reduce waste. Dispose of trash properly. Where possible, recycle, reuse and compost.
  • Reduce automobile pollution. Use fuel efficient vehicles or carpool. Recycle motor oil and repair oil and air conditioning leaks.
  • Protect ocean wildlife. Don't dispose of fishing lines, nets or plastic items in or near the water.
  • Be considerate of sea life habitats. Don't bother sea birds, mammals and turtles or their nesting grounds. Support marine protected areas.
  • Get involved. Take part in a beach cleanup or other ocean-oriented activities.
  • Care! Pass on your knowledge!

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Open Water Course

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4 March 2013 - Course full
8 April 2013 - Course full
6 May 2013 - Open

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