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Rescue Scuba Diver Course


The Rescue Scuba Diver Course gives divers the knowledge and skills needed to manage risks and effectively handle limited in water problems and diving emergencies.

Prerequisites for the Course

  • Training and experience equivalent to a NAUI Scuba Diver.
  • First Aid and CPR training is required for the course (Included in the course if not already acquired)

Course Includes:

  • C-Card
  • Qualifying Dives at Bass Lake or Miracle Waters
  • Registration
  • First Aid and CPR
  • All Learning Materials

Course Does not include:

  • Rental of BC, Regulator and Cylinder (R150.00/day)
  • Entrance into Bass Lake or Miracle Waters (R60.00/day)
  • All air fills (R50.00/fill)

The Candidates are responsible for renting their own BC, regulators and cylinder hire.

The course runs over 2 weeks. All lectures start at 18:30 and run until about 21:00. Pool and Open Water sessions are the whole day.

Open Water Course

11 February 2013 - Course full
4 March 2013 - Course full
8 April 2013 - Course full
6 May 2013 - Open

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