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Advanced Course

26 January 2013 - Open
16 March 2013 - Open
18 May 2013 - Open

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2 Dive 4 Scuba

Scuba Diver Course

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The Scuba Diver Course is the NAUI entry level Scuba Course. It provides the candidate the important knowledge and skills to be able to scuba dive safely. Upon completion of the course, the candidates are able to scuba dive to a depth of 18m.

The differences between NAUI and Brand X

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Prerequisites for the Course

  • Age 15 (A junior certification for ages 10-14 years is allowed).
  • • Candidates must also be in good health.

Course Includes:

  • C-Card
  • NAUI Dive Tables
  • NAUI Work Book
  • NAUI Vinyl Wallet for Books
  • All Lectures
  • Pool sessions in an indoor heated pool.
  • Qualifying Dive in Bass Lake or Miracle Waters
  • Use of BC, Regulator and cylinder while on course
  • Use of wetsuit, fins, mask, snorkel, booties and weight belt while you are on course.
  • DAN insurance cover while you are on course
  • Registration (Internationally recognized)

Course Does not include:

  • Entrance into Bass Lake or Miracle Waters (R60.00/day)
  • Course does not include your airfills


Download NAUI Medical Exam.

The scuba course runs over 2 weeks. All lectures start at 18:30 and run until about 21:00. Pool and Open Water sessions are the whole day.

A 85 question multiple choice exam is also to be written at the end of the scuba course.

Open Water Course

11 February 2013 - Course full
4 March 2013 - Course full
8 April 2013 - Course full
6 May 2013 - Open

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