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2 Dive 4 Scuba


Vincent Nolan

Firstly a big thank you to you and all involved in our course I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I will be recommending 2-dive-4 to all of my friends. A special thanks to Keith, he is awesome. Whenever I saw Keith hovering above me I felt just that little bit more comfortable knowing he was keeping an eye on us. And tell Keith I will get my 5m safety stop right if it’s the last thing I do!

Greg Potgieter

I enjoyed the course extremely. You and your team were professional but still laid back. The atmosphere during the course was always very good. This made for a very good learning environment. I find your leadership to be strong as people respect you and feel comfortable with your ability. I am sure that you are still going to do even greater things in life.

Nicole Maier

Wooo hooo, we are all certified!! Congrat buddies...

Andrew, Keith, Bianca and Angie, thank you all so much for your patience, you guys are awesome!

Look forward to seeing you all again soon. 8)

Anthony Philips

What an awesome course to do!!

BEEEEG Thanks to the 2 Dive 4 Team - Andrew, Keith, Bianca & Angie for a great experience.

Myself and Irene Kariolis loved the weekend, even though the viz wasn't that great... Looking forward to our next Scuba excersion.!!

Definately gonna try make the Moz trip next year!

Lindi Kotze

Awesome, awesome, awesome experience. You guys were very patient even with the naughty ones like me. Very affordable and great peeps. I will reccomend you!!!

Gisela Maritz

Thanks to Andrew, Keith, Angie and Bianca for a great weekend of diving! You guys are awesome teachers! Can't wait to goof in the big blue!

Mariska Pieterse

Just want to say thanks to a fantastic instructor!! the course was amazing and you made it feel so easy!! Now to get my dive on :D

Andrew Jansen

Thanks for the awesome course! You guys that missed out this time must book for the next one on the 26th Nov!

Lerato Moloi

The course was awesome! A bit scary at first, but the instructors are very helpful and make you feel comfortable! A must do!

Michel Maritz

Thanks again Andrew,if you can teach a 46 year old 140kg. husband and his(at first) very nervous wife,how to dive,I am sure you can teach anyone.

Corrie van der Waltt

Hey thanks to everyone for a great time at miracle waters and the scuba event. Gongrats to those who made it and to those who didn't please go again. Hope to see everyone soon. Mozambique here we come. Thanks to Andrew and the team. Fun times. One to remember.

Matthew Rochford

Had such a mad time on the course! A truly great experience through excellent instructing. Hope to see everyone again soon! Thanks Andrew.

Arno Smith

Hey just want to thank every one that was part of my training it has been a great two weeks and I hope to see all of you guys again soon...let me know if any of you have diving plans would be great fun to go diving again....

Kiara Deaconos

To Andrew and all the guys that make up the 2dive4 Team

Firstly I want to say, on behalf of Alan and I, a big thank you for all the time and effort that you put into helping us qualify. It was a fantastic (and busy) 2 weeks of learning, laughter and scuba…

Having always wanted to dive, but never quite having the understanding of what it entails, it was truly wonderful to have found an instructor that was happy to deal with lots of questions and some nerves…

The process started with a few classes, which were informative and emphasized safety, but also managed to incorporate a sense of camaraderie between all the attendees through some good, some bad and some downright sinister laughs. Next came the pool session and despite the early start and the butterflies in my tummy, Andrew and his team of Master divers managed to keep us in good spirits and instilled each of us with a sense of confidence by taking the time to ensure that every person in the group was comfortable with all the new skills that we learnt. After the technical training, they finally let us lose in the pool, well to a depth of 5m and very well supervised, but I have to say that it was spectacular! And it was at that moment that I knew that going through the training would be worth it!!

Finally came our qualifying dives at Bass Lake, which is not as exciting as I imagine the ocean to be, but a very safe and comforting place to do our first dives at depth. By the time it came to actually getting in the water at Bass lake, I have to say that I was feeling confident and very well prepared, which was all thanks to Andrew and the team. Thanks to 2dive4 I am now happily looking forward to my first ocean dive, so team, see all of you again soon!

Richard T - October/November course 2010

I always wanted to learn to Scuba dive but had never got round to doing it with all the other goings on in life. Having been to the 2 Dive for Scuba course for my open water qualification, I regret having waited so long. The course was fun, factual, catered to many different people from the old, young, timid to the daredevils. Having completed the course and met Andrew and the other divers helping out, I realise that Scuba diving with friends and family in future is going to be an exciting new dynamic to holidays and as a life experience in general. The passion and fun atmosphere created by the course and instructors has me very excited for the December holidays! Thanks in advance, for all the great memories.


I was very apprehensive, even after I decided that I wanted to learn to dive. I had already decided in my mind all the things that would go wrong. However, right from the first lesson, Andrew put everyone at ease. Andrew is a fantastic teacher and suddenly it all didn't seem so daunting. Andrew puts you at ease with his relaxed manner but he is always professional. Safety is his first priority and it is drummed into his students that "panic is not an option". He has so much patience and you never feel rushed into mastering a skill. Andrew will go through the skills and techniques with you until you feel comfortable. The best part is when Andrew gives you a little clap under water and you know you have eventually got it. Not only is Andrew amazing but so are his staff. His dive masters are always on hand to offer help and encouragement. I would unequivocally recommend 2 dive 4 to anyone who wants to learn to dive.

Craig Hohls

I spent about a couple months looking for a dive school and was really not sure how to choose one. Read a couple articles which said the best way to decide on which school to use is dependant on the instructor giving the course and that one would need to get along with him and he should be a great teacher……… Andrew Shaw rocks as an instructor!! He is extremely knowledgeable and knows how to get the relevant information across to you. The evening lectures are to the point and there was always room for some great laughs.

The pool session and dives at Miracle Waters where awesome! Andrew has a great team of helpful and friendly divers(Pole Vaulter, Keith & Neels)! The 2 Dive 4 guys really go the extra mile for you! I made some great friends on the course and look forward to all the epic diving holidays with the 2 Dive 4 Team and my new dive buddies

Jason Watson

Well what can I say about 2 Dive 4? I’ve heard about other dive schools from my friends and I expected the same, but it was far from what I expected, Andrew’s extensive knowledge and passion about scuba diving made it all the more worthwhile and his lectures were always a great end to a busy day. His dive Masters, Walter and Keith made for an entertaining and informative weekend, if anyone needed re-assurance or advice these two dive masters were the ones id highly recommend asking. I think for most people the idea of being so deep makes one feel uncomfortable, but being with Andrew’s team that’s nearly impossible, His knowledge and understanding made me feel all that more relaxed, when a student shows even the slightest sign of being uncomfortable or not understanding a topic, they had all the time in the world to help that student as an individual. I think Andrew’s 2 Dive 4 course is very different from any other course out there and it’s highly recommended with a 5 star rating to everyone. Andrews’s scuba jokes never became old and his “original diving signals” will forever be used. I will continue to dive when Andrew and his team come to Miracle waters as being around his team makes everything that much better.

I will continue to do extra courses like my advanced divers at 2 Dive 4 because I know I’ll be getting the lessons from the best instructors, and I will definitely be attending any future Holidays with the 2 Dive 4 team.

Thanks Guys!

Justin Wessels

On signing up for the scuba course I was feeling anxious and hesitant around the idea of being so deep underwater with the obvious risks which accompany scuba diving. My anxiety was however put to rest immediately thanks to the manner in which the course was presented. It was professional but allowed for a relaxed learning environment with plenty of entertainment from Andrew’s side in the form of his witty humour and endless supply of diving jokes. On the practical side of the course Andrew and his dive masters displayed a vast wealth of experience and competence and endless patience for those who appeared to be struggling and guided them with baby steps to ensure they always stayed within their comfort zone. Having come back from diving weekend in Mozambique recently, I can honestly say that I felt properly prepared and didn’t for one moment show signs of a first time diver. In short I would strongly recommend 2 dive 4 scuba as a scuba training institution.

Lara Easthorpe

Hrrmm (clearing of the throat), I didn't personally qualify with the team from 2 Dive 4, but I can say they are 2 die 4, in the best sense of the phrase. I accomponied a friend on her qualifying dive, which she had unfortunately not been able to do the previous weekend. As I mentioned I was a guest on their dive yet I seemed to have quite a few problems with my gear and also with me being a overweight. Although they didn't have to help with with all my hiccups they were so friendly and willing to help. I found their friendliness a welcome change, especially in our current environment where people only worry about their own agenda.

I also witnessed to absolute care and attention they paid to all their student divers. I personally know that my friend ,who was a student, was incredibly nervous to dive would not have been able to do it without the individual guidance and undying support of Andrew and Keith. Andrew was willing to do one on one dives with the nervous students who were too afraid to go down with the group.

It was amazing to find an instructor that cared so much about his students. He kept the mood light the entire day to ease the tension of the divers and always had a joke at hand.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day I spent with the 2 dive 4 team and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is interested in doing a dive course.

Lara... Over and out

Kacy Kerwin

I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome NAUI open-water course as I have enjoyed every minute of it in the last two weeks!

I was referred by my boyfriend who had done the course with 2 Dive 4 a few months earlier and although dragging my feet in the beginning because I had a lot on my plate (as most people do) I found that once I had signed up, the course became a welcome break and something that I now miss doing in the evenings!

I looked forward to lecture days because I knew that with your crazy humour there were always good times and lots of laughter in store. Your lectures were always very informative, to the point and easy to understand. Thank you for being patient with my millions of questions and always taking the time to explain concepts that we didn’t understand. Although you had a very chilled out approach, you made sure we understood the inherent risks in scuba-diving so that we could ensure we knew what we were doing and always make safety a top priority.

At the pool sessions, we went as fast as the slowest diver and you personally took as much time as was needed to help out any classmates who were struggling. I was thrilled at being able to do the skills in the pool but the real excitement kicked in at Miracle Waters when we did our qualification dives. A special mention for Keith who was thorough, always available to give advice, helpful to a classmate who was quite nervous and taught me a very valuable lesson when he checked my air-supply before I got in the water and found it wasn’t on! A scare for me but a lesson I’ll never forget and assurance that you guys had our backs! Both you and Keith made sure to keep a very watchful eye on all of us newbies, so thank you.

Neal and I are really looking forward to the diving trip to Sodwana with you guys as I know for my first sea-dive I wouldn’t want to be with any other school.

You become a part of the club when you qualify with 2 dive 4 but I’m sure over time it’s more like being a part of a family J I will definitely refer you to all my friends who want to start scuba-diving and I’m looking forward to many dive trips with you guys and future courses!

Charl Smit

I would like to thank you and the entire 2 Dive 4 SCUBA Team for an unforgettable open water diving course.

Yourself, Keith and Walter really made learning to SCUBA dive a relaxing and enjoying experience!

Andrew's depth of knowledge, as well as his own passion for the sport, makes him uniquely qualified as a diving instructor. His helpful hints and patience with new divers all adds up to an awesome diving experience.

We're in for Sodwana and will most certainly be advancing our diving skills with 2 Dive 4 SCUBA in the near future.

2 Dive 4 SCUBA comes highly recommended to anyone looking for a place to learn to SCUBA dive.


Thank You ! very much Andrew. It was a lot of fun and I really appreciate all the help – all of your guys were great.

We’ll try – we are already planning to go back to miracle waters in two weeks time.

Anja Kruger

Thanks again for the course. We really enjoyed it and I am telling everyone I know, if they want to do their scuba course, to contact you.

How many space is available for the Sodwana trip?

Name not supplied

Just want to say what a nice experiece it was doing the course through you and the way you explain it to us and the way you handling the course. Your proffesionalism was of a great value. Will see you soon


2 Dive 4 diving course was awesome. Had so much fun diving in the pool and open water... The course is well presented with a good balance between theory, practise and FUN!!! I have done a dive course overseas some years ago, but this was much more informative and I am sure I am much better equipped to go diving again. The practical sessions were especially good, with the instructor and divemasters ensuring the dive sessions went smoothly. We had plenty of opportunities to get familiar with our new "underwater surroundings"! A huge shout out to the team - Andrew, Keith, Hue (is that how you spell his name?) and Neels. Always time for a laugh - we like family now (well almost!!)

Paul Cassells

It was an awesome course. I'm very pleased with the course we had. Half the price of other courses that I researched and as good as I could have imagined. On Saturday night we were sitting around the braai having a few beers and someone expressed their opinion that you and your team are probably the best instructors in the world. It wasn't very long before someone pointed out that we'd never actually seen any other instructors, but still, there was a resounding consensus that we were all very impressed with your course. I guess it just means that although we had nobody else to compare you with, we could at least compare you with our expectations and you far exceeded them. So thanks again. I know who I'm calling when I want to do my advanced course.


I would like to thank you and all the dive masters for such a fantastic adventure.

Thank you for your patience and encouragement!

You guys really went out of your way to help me with my ears/equalising and it is greatly appreciated.

I look forward to getting back into the water and to go on exciting dive adventures.

Thanks! This was a great experience, keep up the good work!!

Will definitely join in on one of 2 Dive 4 dive trips

Leanne Mc Neil

Amazing is all I can say about all you guys!!! I don't have one single bad comment to make. You have taught me the ability to experience life underwater, and WOW, what an experience! Your theory lessons and practicals are 100% professional, very informative and loads of fun. I thought I was going to struggle with equalizing my ears in the pool session, but you assisted me and made sure I was okay, and it was a piece of cake!!! I think the safety techniques we learned are extremely important to make any diver feel comfortable in any situation.

The actual diving at Miracle Waters was a chilly (first dive of the season) but truly awesome experience!!! I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. I felt extremely comfortable and safe with 2 Dive 4 and that makes a world of difference to a new diver.

I really like the fact that the gear hire, pool session, books etc and well, everything you need, is all included in the open water course which is very affordable.

Please thank your team members Keith, Neils, Walter and your dad for all their valued assistance. I cannot wait to go diving again!!!!!!

A friend of mine referred me to you and I won't hesitate to promote and recommend you as I feel the whole experience was kinda life changing. You're all AWESOME... Feel free to put up my contact details for people to contact me regarding my testimonial.

Sean and Lee-Anne

We just wanted to say thank you so much for the great experience we had on the diving course.

The lectures were fun and you are easy to listen to, which made learning a lot easier.

Please would you thank Walter, Keith, Hugh and Neels, they were all willing to help to the end.

It was a great idea to get the Dive Masters to wear your Yellow vests in the water for better recognition.

Sean and I felt that you were very thorough, and professional, which made us comfortable below the water. As you know, at one stage I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but you got me down without a hesitation! We also feel that there are a lot of instructors out there who are too quick to quit on you.

Andrew comes with our highest recommendation should anyone be interested in taking Scuba Diving as a hobby.

Mike and Stef

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the great experience we had on the diving course.

The lectures were light hearted and fun to have, which made learning a lot easier.

We found the practical sessions in the pool and at Miracle Waters very professional, thorough and fun.

Please would you thank Walter, Keith, Hugh, Neels and your dad for us. I really don’t know how they were able to keep an eye on all of us.

It didn’t seem to matter where we found ourselves, there was always one of you guys around to show us the way. You were all so friendly, helpful and extremely patient.

It was just as you said at the first lecture. The course was very personal and none of us were just put through the course to pass.

I will personally recommend anyone to come do their diving course through 2Dive4.

Please feel free to give my email address or cell number to any prospective student.


Andrew, thanks for your superb SCUBA personally have a rare communication talent - whether you know it or not, you have a special gift when dealing with people from all walks of life. Your vast knowledge, professionalism, and your patience gives us great confidence in a seemingly "unnatural and foreign" underwater world. Further still, yourself, Keith, Walter and the rest of your staff make a potentially hazardous subject, very easy and enjoyable for all of us to learn.

Greg Webster

I would just like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU very much for and excellent and professional open water course. I think you run a very comprehensive and enjoyable course. Natalie and I really enjoyed every minute of the course and appreciate all you guidance and help in every concern or question we had. The lite hearted approach and lite atmosphere was a great environment to learn in. We always felt safe and well informed on course, of all the procedures and possible hazards that were possible. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank your two dive masters that were on course with us, Hugh and Keith we really do appreciate you guys being there to guide and teach us some of the skills required on the course. It was also a big comfort to have Andrew and his dive masters always around on the practical dives always in site and personally checking each and every individual person. Nothing was to much effort and there was always a enthusiastic answer to anything we asked. Just a personal big thank you to our dive master Keith, the under water skills you taught us at the first pool session along with Andrew, were done slowly and with care so that we were not to drawn right in the beginning, we have a grate deal of respect for you as a very knowledgeable diver and the best looking of the three. Andrew thanks for all your help and understanding with everything, I can't imagine what it must be like with the responsibility you have, looking out for the group, but you took it in you stride and that just shows the caliber of you as a person - TOP CLASS, 100%!

Lastly just my personal opinion is that you guys will progress to much bigger and better things in the future, because of your dedication and comprehensiveness in which you run your courses and your one secret ingredient. Your personal passion for scuba diving and wanting to share this with others, this is what puts you head and shoulder above the rest. You have earned a Hugh amount of our respect and admiration from us.

Looking forward to doing our Advanced course early next year.



I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the open water course at the weekend, but somehow I did not manage to get my words in (strange for me I know).

Having reflected on the two weeks just past, I acknowledge that this course has challenged me in ways I did not expect and left me with a renewed love for other areas in my life. How can a diving course do that…? I believe that all things are related and connected if we only look for those connections and learn the lessons from our experiences.

So, thank you for the calmness, patience, dedication and passion for what you do that you exhibited through the course, particularly during the practical. It was a good experience for me to be on the learning side once again and to be challenged with new skills that I had to learn. As a therapist to children with significant barriers to learning, being placed on the receiving end was a reminder of the importance of the values of patience and encouragement from our teachers and for me that was the motivator to persevere through the challenges faced. Adults, like kids, need positive affirmation. Thank you for that reminder and be affirmed that you are a great teacher.

The dive masters who assisted on the course must also be thanked for their genuine concern for all present and for their good sense of fun which was very refreshing.

I look forward to consolidating and refining the skills I have begun to acquire.

Gideon van der Westhuysen

Just to say thanks for the scuba course, and especially for being so patient with Gerdi. You and the dive masters were excellent teachers, and we enjoyed the course tremendously. We were very sorry not to be able to join your trip to Sodwana over the long weekend, but will definately join one of your trips down to the coast next year.

Hugh Stevenson

If you, like me, are tired of dive shops and organizations who care more about your money than about you, and everything seems to revolve more around an “image” than the sheer pleasure of diving, then I have good news for you: finally a scuba diving club that is 2 Dive 4 Scuba!

At the helm of all this is one of the most vibrant individuals you might ever meet, a man who knows how to enjoy life, who also knows that there is a time to have fun and a time to be serious – Andrew Shaw.

I met Andrew back in December 2004 when I was looking to do an advanced diving course. Right from the first discussion I was aware that this was a person who was interested in the individual, who was willing to accommodate as far as possible (and I have learnt since that this is often to his own detriment),

I was so impressed with 2 Dive 4 Scuba that I returned and did my Nitrox, Rescue, First Aid, and Master Diver Courses.

Since joining the club I have watched Andrew put a number of courses through their paces, presenting each with the same level of dedication and care. Andrew has demonstrated the patience and understanding to enable even the most paranoid of individuals to take the plunge.

I have attended most of the 2 Dive 4 Scuba dive trips. On each occasion Andrew has gone the extra mile to ensure that everyone has as good a time as possible, and always ensures that divers go home with a small memorabilia of the trip in the form of a T-shirt, cap, or sweater and a CD of pictures and video clips. Briefings meetings are also held before the weekend to inform all on what to expect (and what not). It also gives everyone a chance to socialize before the trip.

Andrew is very ably assisted by his two Dive Masters: Keith Henderson and Mark Durrant. When I did my Openwater 1 course way back in 1994, the dive instructor told us that before he qualified anyone, he asked himself if he would be prepared to let that person dive with his wife and kids. If not, he would not certify them. I asked myself if I would trust Andrew to train and dive with my wife and kids, and I can quite unequivocally respond with a resounding yes! I would recommend Andrew to anyone who is considering doing a scuba course and guarantee them an experience 2 Dive 4 Scuba!

Ranya de Wet

Hope the festive season was good, and you have rested well …!

I just had to tell you that I finally dived at Sodwana! It was awesome!

Buoyancy was perfect, air consumption as well, and I was only a little scared the very first time!

I just want to thank you again for making this awesome experience possible! You did a superb job, and I can’t believe I got frightened in the dam! For goodness’ sake!

I would like to do my advance sometime this year, though I’ll keep an eye on your notice boards!

We also though to try and join you guys on an excursion to a diving destination, as soon as the year’s planning is clear!

Once again: such a bog thank you, for your patience, dedication and enthusiasm!

I would gladly recommend you to anyone!

Darryl Skelton

I would just like to formally thank you for all the effort from your side to make the scuba course which I completed recently as exciting and simulating as it was. Your passion for this sport is very contagious. I have thoroughly enjoyed both the practical and theoretical element of this course. I felt that you were very thorough, which made me comfortable both above and below the water. Your prices are almost unbeatable and the way you conduct your business will definitely make you successful in your business. I look forward to the weekend at Sodwana and completing more courses through 2 Dive 4.


Just a short note of appreciation for the way in which the course was handled, your professional approach and the ability to make one feel at ease is especially worth mentioning, at one stage I wasn’t sure I was going to make it as I was having problems equalizing, but you got me down! I also feel there are a lot of guys out there who are quick to qualify people without the proper training and understanding of safety and risks. If you are prepared for the worst you are able to deal with it! I look forward to doing my advanced on the 19th of Feb.


I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank you for the very professional manner in which you gave our theoretical & practical classes for our first scuba course.

Have to be honest (think I mentioned this before) learning theory is not one of my favorite ‘hobbies’ – but you constantly made the course interesting and light-hearted. That helped immensely getting the time going and also made me feel that this might be fun … Up until the day we did our practical at Miracle Waters! First we snorkeled and then our first dive to 5m. I really thought I’m going to die due to freezing my bud off! But then, again, our instructor came to the rescue with an extra diving suit. After going down the second time, not being cold, I didn’t want to go back to the surface! It’s the most amazing feeling being down there, breathing (never stop breathing!), swimming around and checking out the ‘underwater-scenery’. Not that we had much to see at the bus, but hey, what do you expect to see as a ‘dam-duiker’?

I am really looking forward to dive in Mozambique – first sea dive! The thought of going in the deep big blue is a bit frightening, but with an awesome team – To Dive For – diving with us, checking the whole time whether you are okay, assisting you and your dive buddy when necessary – I am sure all will go well!

Once again, thank you very much for an excellent course. Keep doing what you are doing; I’m sure everybody will find it most informative and inspirational. I have!

Tany van Niekerk

Just want to say thank you for training us so well and looking after us. You are a brilliant instructor and you will go far with you scuba career. You have what it takes and much more!!

Mark Durrant

My first comment will be congratulations to Andrew in executing a great Dive Masters Course.

Andrew is an excellent instructor not only because of experience but also for his excellent leadership skills.

The course was delivered in such a manner that it was interesting, understandable and exciting.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course both on the practical and theory side, it has made me a more competent diver.

In closing, Andrew has been mu instructor from Open Water up to Dive Master level and he comes with my highest recommendation should you be interested in Scuba Diving.

Should you require any additional info please contact me on 076 617-9007

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