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2 Dive 4 Scuba

Top 10 Signs its too cold for diving

  1. "Your buddy has a long white beard and keeps saying, 'Ho Ho Ho.'"
  2. "You see more frozen fish than the Gorton's Fisherman."
  3. "The divemaster is sporting fur fins."
  4. "Even the penguins are wearing neoprene."
  5. "You taken to the dive site by way of Zamboni."
  6. "You had to use de-icer on your mask."
  7. "The guys from the Polar Bear Club are driving away, calling YOU crazy."
  8. "The readout on your computer just says, 'BRRR!!!'"
  9. "The dive boat was a US Coast Guard Icebreaker."
  10. "The divemaster's pet parrot looks mysteriously like an emperor penguin."

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